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April Ascending

The Astro-Doula

Imagine having a deep understanding of yourself and your place in the world

Imagine having the ability to unlock the secrets of your destiny and understand the patterns of your life

Birth Astrology

With an astrology reading, you’ll gain valuable insight into your:

– personality

– relationships

– career

– wealth and future prospects

You’ll learn about the influences of the planets and stars on your life, and how to navigate the ups and downs of your life journey.

Parenting Astrology

Do you ever wish your kids came with an instruction manual?

They did!

It was written in the stars the moment they were born.

Understanding your child’s astrology will help you to support the exact person they came here to be.


Abundance. Manifesting. Vision board. Law of Attraction. Affirmations. 

Did I get all the buzz words? Have you tried those things and perhaps they have fallen flat?

Well, instead of attracting abundance, Did you know that your inherent self is to BE abundance?


Need some clarity or direction in your life?

Cards are a great tool to help you break through your muddled thoughts and connect you with your intuition so you can easily see and get some guidance.